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I'm Grant: photographer, mechanic, and recent UCCS  graduate.  A little about me...I was born and raised in the U.S., brought up in a military family.  I love cars and trucks--driving, fixing, and modifying.  Dogs are my favorite, although I like all animals.  Outside of school I like to hang out with friends, play&listen to music, ride my mountain bike, swim, and work hard.  Favorite color is electric blue, with red as a close second.  If  I could go anywhere for a short weekend vacation, it would be to either western Colorado or Breckenridge.

My Goal

My goal is simple: capture beauty, and present it beautifully.  Simplicity is elegant.  A photograph is more than a snapshot.  Photographs are different--they tell a story.  They are meant to be admired.  To provoke thoughts.  To stir emotions.  Photographs should make a viewer feel something inside.  They cause a certain joy that only photographs can.

Grant Lykins
Grant Lykins Photography
Colorado Springs photographer
Colorado Springs photography
Affordable Colorado Springs photographer
Affordable Colorado Springs photographer
Family photographer
Colorado Springs family photographer
Family photography
Colorado Springs  family photography
Family pictures
Colorado Springs family pictures
Affordable family photography
Affordable family photographer
Affordable Colorado Springs photographer
Senior pictures
Senior portraits 
Senior photographer
Colorado Springs senior pictures
Colorado Springs senior portraits
Colorado Springs senior photographer
Senior photography
Colorado Springs senior photography
Commercial photography
Colorado Springs commercial photographer
Contrcat photographer
Contract photography
Contract based photography

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