Corporate Events

Pricing for corporate event photography is based on my standard sitting fees and digital image delivery pricing.  Every event is unique and may require additional coverage different from a typical group photo session.  Please contact me to get a quote and discuss the details and coverage needed for your corporate event, using my standard sitting fees and digital delivery options as a baseline reference.  Digital delivery prices are fixed, but the sitting fee may increase based on the coverage and photographs needed for the event. 

Sitting Fees

up to One Hour: $85
one to Two Hours: $145
two to Three Hours: $225
three to Four Hours: $350
Need more time?  Contact me to get a quote!

Digital Image Delivery
(Images delivered via Dropbox, disc, or USB drive)

up to 20 High Resolution Images: $80
20 to 50 High Resolution Images: $150
50 to 100 High Resolution Images: $300
 more than 100+ High Resolution Images: Contact Me